PUR 4396710, the best solution for yours refrigerator filter. Everyone wants to have clean water and ice in their refrigerators; free from dirt and any other unwanted substances which may be dangerous for their health. To help them execute that dream, Whirlpool comes with one new product called Whirlpool filter 4396710; a water filter for refrigerator with side by side model.

whirlpool4396710 2pk

At a glance look, this product is simple with its stick-look like the shape, but huge in its functions. It is able to clean out water and ice in the fridge; bring them all away from dirt and hazardous contaminants. Another good point about PUR 4396710 is that you do not need to use more energy and time for installation and replacements because the procedures are simple.

Whirlpool PUR 4396710 – Good Price for Better Performance

As said before, Whirlpool 4396710 is produced for side by side refrigerators. Moreover, it is particularly designed to clean various contaminants; such as first class particulates, cysts, and asbestos. In addition, PUR 4396710 is also capable to remove the content of lead and mercury in the water. As we know, these two substances often appear in the water; and sadly, they are absolutely dangerous for the family’s health.

Furthermore, PUR 4396710 will also clean out the unnecessary odors of the water. This will enhance the taste of every water drop to your mouth. Most customers who have used this product confirm that the water coming from their refrigerator dispenser filtered by 4396710 filter tastes good; that’s why they love using it.

With such great function, this filter is sold within the range price of $28. Compared to the other water filters created by other brands, its price is considered affordable; even cheaper than what you can get. This will not cost you that much, because you will not pay for it every month; only once in six months.

Using Whirlpool PUR 4396710

The shape of 4396710 refrigerator water filter is really simple. It fits the water filter space in various refrigerators, including Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Maytag, JennAir, and Amana which have an access into base grille. To make use of it, the installation is so easy. Put the water filter in good position in the available space of your refrigerator.

PUR 4396710 is going to work very well, filtering water and providing safe water for the whole family as soon as it is installed. However, you should remember that the better performance will last only for six months. After that half a year period, it is highly recommended that you substitute it with the new one. It aims to keep the water pure and clean; as old filter will no longer function well like the first six months.

What if you forget to change it? Do not worry; the filter has been equipped by the alarm. When the substitution time is coming, the indicator light will automatically turn on. You will find this sign near the dispenser.

How to change the old Whirlpool PUR 4396710 with the new one

whirlpool4396710 refrigeratorJust like the installation, 4396710 filter substitution has been simple as well. The procedure is as follows:

  • Take out the old filter by pushing eject button on the space
  • Remove the packaging of the new 4396710 filter as well as its O-ring cover.
  • After pulling the available filter cap, align its arrow with the new filter’s
  • Turn the aligned cap and filter clockwise in order to snap it in the right place
  • Push the new 4396710 filter until it reaches the base part and the button pops.
  • Tug the cap to make sure that it is already sheltered
  • The  Whirlpool PUR 4396710 filter is now ready to use.